COME PARTY WITH US!! On Saturday, June 11th. Patrick's Cabaret 
is celebrating 25 years of redefining PC and being a vital part of
the Metro Arts community. We've been here for 25 years...and
we're still here! So come help us celebrate. A performance parade
will start in Matthews Park, deep in the heart of Seward, at 3pm
and lead to a block party celebration where the Cabaret resides.
The block party will feature live musicians, local food and
business vendors, and free workshops at our indoor theater space
from 4-7pm
. Other businesses and organizations in our community
 will be celebrating as well -- we want to work together to
show everyone a full day of fun in the Longfellow community! So
don't forget to ask for specials throughout the day, as many of our
neighbors like to entice Cabaret patrons.
We'll end the evening
with an evening Cabaret performance from 8-10pm, co-curated by
Arturo Miles & Patrick Scully. The show will consist of past and
present talents who’ve performed at and essentially grown through
 the Cabaret.
 And after the show, a dance party will surely ensue...
so be sure to bring your party pants!
If you ever went to,
performed in, or just have a roving sense of curiousity, June 11th
 at 3 pm is the time to come and satisfy it! THIS IS NOT AN EVENT